The Benefits of Oxygen Facials

Cosmetic treatments have emerged in the past couple of years as the recently recognized skincare essential. From oxygen lotions to oxygen spray remedies and oxygen inhalation, many salons and spas throughout the nation have something in their own menu oxygen related to provide their client. If you’re not a regular spa goer, then you’ve maybe heard of oxygen facials in the biggest celebrity on earth, Madonna. But besides the star endorsement, what would be the decorative advantages of oxygen?

Oxygen has amazing regenerative abilities. For decades, physicians haven’t only realized this fact but used it in treating burns, gangrene and wounds which simply wouldn’t cure otherwise. Within an oxygen rich environment, viruses, bacteria, and bacterial infections just don’t survive. Moreover, high levels of oxygen activate the body’s own healing purposes. If you’re severely burned or cut, then the skin is going to quickly cure in such a positive atmosphere. It’s these two extremely important functions of oxygen which motivated skin care specialists to incorporate oxygen to cosmetic remedies around the world.

Were you aware that in pre-historic ground, the planet’s atmosphere contained oxygen amounts of around 35%? In some big cities, that amount is much worse- as low as 17 percent! The USA have EPA estimates that the US produces 137 million tons of contamination annually! What exactly does that mean to our own bodies? We are oxygen discharged out of our skin into our lungs. Damage may happen, and that harm will collect over time resulting in rather stressed, pre-mature obsolete skin. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and excess sun damage will also be the consequence of the attack our skin is beneath.

Maintaining all of these facts under consideration, it merely makes logical sense that integrating pure oxygen for a remedy into our regular would have real advantage. We will need to replenish the oxygen that the environment is missing. We want it to fix damage inflicted on our own bodies. And not once annually, however, a minimum of once each month. Oxygen remedies in facials and body treatments help fight a number of enemies into the epidermis, from contamination and stress into the shortage of oxygen from the air. The process entails spraying on oxygen, 98 percent pure to be accurate, that’s infused with a serum which has essential antioxidants and nutrients. The radicals and oxygen work together to remove free radicals that cause premature aging, in addition to promote the creation of elastin and collagen. In addition, the advantages are cumulative because the creation of elastin and collagen repair the skin and revive the complexion into a more youthful and lovely you.

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