Can Acidity in Your Body and Dehydration Cause Loss of Vision and Can Alkaline Water Restore Vision?

I understand This might seem odd but 14 years ago I was amazed to learn that I had reading glasses. I’d loved 20/20 eyesight my whole life. 1 day when looking up a contact number in the white pages, I recall saying to my wife just how little the print was and asking why the telephone company was creating the letters and numbers so tiny. She laughed and said I must have my eyes examined since the print has been exactly the same as it had always been.

And found that I did really need reading glasses. The doctor said only to buy # 1 drug shop readers and return next year for another test. This was 14 decades back and every year or 2 I’d select another eye test and over the years that my eye doctor would let me go into another greater potency of over the counter reading glasses. My eyesight finally led me into the #200 power readers and that is where my story gets interesting.

My spouse and I was on a quest to locate Healthful water and over the years we’d tried many different drinking water methods that we were advised to be somewhat healthy water. Reverse osmosis really stripped each of the minerals from the water and we immediately learned it wasn’t doing us any good. Distilled water also stripped all of the minerals from the water and again, no healthful water. We were subsequently sold on buying a Vitalizer Plus system which would reintroduce minerals into the distilled water via using a nutrient block. The Vitalizer Plus did place minerals back into the water, but we afterwards discovered it also made the water contaminated, again no nutritious water. At exactly the time we had been going to give up, we moved to a convention where we heard about particular drops to increase the water and from now you likely quessed it. We purchased the drops and again, no healthful water. After tens of thousands of dollars squandered and literally down the drain, then I gave up on the notion of water which would offer the numerous health benefits that I understood great water ought to supply. It’s unfortunate that many tap waters, nicely waters, bottled waters, etc aren’t fit to drink.

Florida telephoned me about what he described as healthful water and that I actually didn’t wish to hear it. He persuaded me to let him come and show me via a couple of scientific presentations and he can show the quality of the water. That I needed to see. He’d come to my house and brought with him a water system that he hooked up into my kitchen faucet.

The The water can also be micro clustered along with the molecules are hexagonal. This warm water is super hydrating and incidentally, my buddy managed to prove all of this through his different presentations.

After drinking this water to approx 1 My spouse and I had been preparing for church and if she moved to feed both poodle puppies, she found we had been out of dog food. Not needing to modify their diet, this posed a issue, since I did not know where I’d locate their new pet food on Sunday morning. I grabbed the phone book and appeared PetSmart from the white pages and’d only finished dialing the amount once I realized I didn’t have in my reading glasses. I’ve been wearing reading glasses for 14 decades and it’s not possible for me to look up a title or a number since the print is only a blur. I was amazed to understand that my vision was revived and now 3 weeks later, I still do not want my glasses to work with a telephone book.

I actually I can only imagine that either Due to the acidity within my own body or the dehydration, or perhaps a Mix of the two, had diminished my vision. This exact healthful drinking water and I’m convinced that since the Body is more than 70% water, if awarded the highest quality water. Water itself. I’ve included a link which will Provide you more info about This new technologies from Japan that generates this very healthful drinking water.

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